Indigestion & Bloating

I am sure that most of you have heard or been told that your baby is colicky because of wind or gas. What does this mean? Is there any basis for this?

As adults, if we eat our food in a rush, or during swallowing, we may swallow some air which could get trapped. Chewing a chewing gum is a typical example of a situation where we may be gulping a large amount of air without knowing it. However, this does not cause us any discomfort. We simply expel any excessive air through our digestive track, otherwise known as passing wind and burping.

In little babies, the digestive track is still immature and slightly sluggish. Even more so if there is an imbalance in their nervous system caused by the stress of birth. The digestive process is not as efficient and so results in indigestion. The symptoms of indigestion such as bloating, pain and belching are actually caused by the excessive build up of gas.

Upward pressure from the abdominal region exerts pressure on your diaphragm (major breathing muscle) and may cause acid reflux. This causes your baby to push excessively in order to try and pass wind and hence the red faces and legs drawn up posture. He or she may even appear to be trying to stand as he pushes downwards with his legs. They are experiencing severe bloating and will often moan, grunt, contract and cry excessively.

So in babies, the combination of a sluggish digestive system,an imbalanced nervous system and an inability to effectively expel air can very quickly lead to an uncomfortable tummy and a rather unhappy baby.

This situation can be made worse by the use of a feeding bottle with a large teat which causes excessive intake of air.  Not holding the feeding bottle at the proper angle while feeding as well as sucking on an empty feeding bottle also cause a large intake of air.

Baby Bowen works to rebalance your babies nervous system, encourages digestion and releases and muscle tension in the abdomen and diaphragm preventing constipation and acid reflux.

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