Newborn Colic

Why is my baby crying? Does she have colic? What is colic?

Colic is a description of symptoms rather than a accurate diagnosis. Infant colic (also known as baby colic and three month colic) is a condition in which an otherwise healthy baby cries or screams frequently and for extended periods, without any discernible reason.

The condition typically appears within the first two weeks of life and almost invariably disappears, often very suddenly, before the baby is three to four months old.

It is more common in bottle-fed babies, but also occurs in breast-fed infants. The crying frequently occurs during a specific period of the day, often in the early evening.

Since the cause is not conclusively established and the amount of crying differs between babies, there is no general consensus on the definition of “colic”.

Babies typically go all red, draw their legs up and start crying when colicky. Nothing seems to soothe them, they appear restless, want to be held constantly and have difficulty sleeping.

Colic is only a term for babies where the cause of their crying is unknown. It is the medical professions way of describing a crying baby when the cause is unknown.

Your baby is crying because it is in pain or feeling uncomfortable and will not stop crying until the discomfort is eased. This leads to the question-What is causing the discomfort and how do I treat it?

The majority of causes can be attributed to the stress of birth and can be treated very effectively with Baby Bowen.

Any stressful situation causes an imbalance in your nervous system. When this imbalance is not treated, signs of anxiety and stress will manifest in many ways such as indigestion, acid reflux, constipation, difficulty sleeping and restlessnes.

Does your baby seem overly anxious and stressed? If so then you need to rebalance your babies nervous system and help your baby release the tension and stress.

Thankfully, Baby Bowen is an extremely simple yet effective tool at treating colic in babies!

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