Newborn Reflux

Does your baby suffer from newborn acid reflux? Does he or she start crying incessantly after every feed or when they are lying down? Does your baby find it difficult to feed or has started refusing feeds even though he is hungry? If so, then your baby is probbaly suffering newborn reflux.

What is newborn reflux? During an eipsode of reflux, a portion of the digested feed is brought up the food passage together with the acidic digestive enzymes,normally found in the stomach. These enzymes are very acidic and cause a very unpleasant feeling of burning or corrosion in the food passage.

It can be very painful and after some time your baby may learn to associate feeds with this unpleasant feeling resulting in a refusal of food.

What causes newborn acid reflux? Some premature babies have an underdeveloped spincter muscle which¬† normally keeps the ‘lid on the stomach’ so to speak. If this muscle is not strong enough, the pressure exerted by the stomach can easily overcome the muscles (the lid) and food and acid goes back up the digestive tract.

However, this is not the only cause of newborn reflux. If it were then how would we explain relfux in adults? Reflux can also be caused a very tense diaphragm muscle.

This muscle controls breathing and also plays a huge role in the digestive system. When you are stressed, this muscle tenses up very quickly causing tightening of the chest, anxiety and digestive problems such as indigestion and heartburn. The same happens in your baby. The stress in babies are mostly caused by the birth process and the new environment they are in.

So, how can you treat or cure newborn reflux? Well,the first step is to release the diaphragm muscle from any tension and to remove any stress from your newborn baby. How? I hear you ask!

A highly effective yet suprisingly simple technique called Baby Bowen has been used very successfully to treat a whole range of symptoms such as colic, indigestion, constipation and reflux.

It consists of 5 very simple, safe and gentle moves that are made on your babies back and tummy to completely rebalance your babies nervous system, remove stress and create calm. It is not baby massage!

Baby Bowen works to rebalance the nervous system and to cure ailments rather than to treat or alleviate symmptoms.Whats more, the results are immediate! Try it for yourself and see…you will not be dissappointed and your baby will thank you for it!

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